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News for Automotive Tool and Equipment Professionals November 2012
ETI Exclusives
Are You Ready For mLearning?
By Bob Chabot

When it comes to training and education, bits and bytes are replacing bricks and mortar.  Like other segments in the automobile industry, tool and equipment manufacturers face an imminent challenge: Education and training needs to evolve - pronto. Pertinent data continues to ramp up, both in terms and complexity. Training must evolve so that your customers are able to assimilate it, access it when necessary, and use it in a time-efficient and economical manner.  Read More

R1234yf - Reaching a Crossroads or Simply a "Bump in the Road"?
By Jeff Murphy President/CEO, RTI Technologies, Inc.

For several years now, automakers across the globe have been moving forward with their plans to introduce a new refrigerant for automotive air conditioning use. The refrigerant of choice, HFO-1234yf (also more commonly known as HFO or R1234yf), is more environmentally friendly and meets the stringent requirements of EU Directive 2006/40/EC, which calls for the adoption of a refrigerant with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 150 or less. With a GWP of 4, and thermodynamic properties that closely match those of R134a, R1234yf would seem to be the ideal solution.  Read More

ETI Winter Tech Week 2012

This year’s Winter Tech Week will be held in Tokyo, Japan Decmeber 3-6, 2012. ETI encourages you to register ASAP if you haven’t already signed up. Winter Tech Week is your opportunity to ask questions about data to the OEM Overseas Personnel that provide the data, and to forge relationships beyond the US OEM Subsidiaries.  Participating OEM’s include: Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.  Our host cmpany for the meetings will be Bosch Corporation in Shibuya.  We will once again be staying at the ANA Intercontinental in Akaska, Tokyo, Japan where we will have our OEM Appreciation Dinner.  
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Messages From ETI Leadership
You Matter To Me 
Jessie Korosec, Marketing Manager


Your Membership experience is important to ETI.  And it should be important to you.  Member engagement is the result of investing time and/or money with the association in exchange for value. The more of these precious resources you invest, the more engaged you are.  Getting value through engagement.  The value for you as a member doing the engaging, as well as the value of that engagement for ETI.
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History Does Repeat Itself

Is it possible to create an I-CAR kind of training program for mechanical repair shops?

Charlie Gorman, Executive Manager

Why are automakers able to accomplish Service Readiness in there dealerships while the aftermarket struggles?  One answer of course is that dealers are mandated by the automakers to train their technicians.  If you want to remain a dealership in good standing there is a requirement to train technicians to specified levels.   If we want to duplicate dealership service readiness in the aftermarket, we will need to create some sort of mandate, and I’m not the only one saying it.  There were several attendees during ASRW and AAIW presentations that brought up the possibility of some sort of certification requirement for aftermarket shops as a means to move Service Readiness along.

I know I’m on dangerous ground here.  Whenever mandates are mentioned the first thing that pops into people’s heads is government certification and/or licensing, but mandates can come in many forms. Read the article here
Industry Insights
Right to Repair
Patriot Ledger

Massachusetts voters approved a right-to-repair bill that will require auto manufacturers to provide repair shops with computerized data used in the diagnosing and repairing of late-model cars. The vote supersedes a negotiated agreement between car manufacturers and repair shops. After being approved by the state Legislature, the agreement was signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick, but at that point it was too late to remove the question from the ballot.

The two sides were prepared to run an ad campaign urging voters to skip the question, but the situation changed in October: a right-to-repair coalition urged voters to approve the question. AAA Massachusetts also urged a “yes” vote.  “Your vehicle produces valuable information about its health and condition. AAA thinks you should own this information, all of it, and should be free to share it as you see fit,” AAA said before the election.
Despite voter approval of the bill, the Legislature can make changes or even reinstate the compromise agreement. Under the compromise, all new cars sold in the state would have to, by 2018, include onboard diagnostic and repair-information systems easily accessible with a typical laptop computer. The ballot question requires such systems by 2015.  

A coalition of repair shops and parts dealers obtained 120,000 signatures to put the question on the November ballot. It received support from about 85 percent of voters.
SAE International Begins New 2012 R1234yf Cooperative Research Program
Aftermarket News

In October, a fourth SAE International Cooperative Research Program (CRP) was launched by the automotive industry to further analyze the safety of the new mobile air conditioner refrigerant, R1234yf. The participants in the 2012 R1234yf CRP include Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, PSA, Renault and Toyota.
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AAPEX Seminar: Telematics presents the automotive aftermarket new challenges and opportunities
Professional Tool & Equipment News

Telematics, a technology that enables sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices in conjunction with affecting control on remote objects, has become more pervasive in new automobiles, posing both challenges and opportunities to the automotive aftermarket. In the interest of helping aftermarket companies better understand these challenges and opportunities, the recent Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas included a session devoted to this topic, titled: "Yes, the aftermarket can do telematics."
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Obama victory may boost EV agenda, spur rules on emissions, safety
Automotive News

President Barack Obama's second term likely will include a return to an agenda of support for electric vehicles and also could clear the way for new rules on tailpipe emissions and auto safety that his appointees have been eager to release.
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Initial Quality Advances in China Driven by Improvements among Domestic Brands
JD Power and Associates Global Automotive Blog

China’s domestic brands outpace the industry in initial quality improvements, according to our 2012 China Initial Quality Study (IQS). Remarkable advances by the domestic brands have been made in three areas: ease in shifting gears (manual transmission); fuel efficiency; and incidence of brake dust. However, none of the Chinese domestic brands rank above industry average in initial quality in 2012, which means there is still significant room for improvement.
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American Suzuki To Exit U.S. Auto Market, Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Automotive News

Strong yen, falling sales, aging product undermine automaker after nearly 3 decades.  American Suzuki Motor Corp., rocked by a plunge in volume while the industry has climbed back from recession, is ending U.S. auto sales after nearly 30 years and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The company said it will maintain its motorcycle and marine engine business units and will continue to honor auto customers' warranties. Japanese parent Suzuki Motor Corp. is not seeking protection from creditors, the company said.
Read the entire article here
Business Buzz
10 Ways to Stay Focused and Productive
American Express Open Forum

For our brains, being in the Internet Age is like being a five-year old in a candy store. But while five-year olds in candy stores have tons of fun, they aren’t known for achieving great things. Sometimes, your brain just needs to accept it can’t always get what it wants. Your brain needs structure and focus. Here are ten ways to improve productivity by preventing your brain from turning work into playtime.
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Travel Managers Brace for an Upturn in Lodging Rates
The New York Times

With the domestic hotel industry on the cusp of a widespread recovery, operators are breathing a sigh of relief. But business travelers who have gotten used to low rates, the ability to book at the last minute and perks like free Wi-Fi and parking are less enthusiastic.  “We’re going to be seeing well-above-average increases in average room rate for at least the next three to four years,” said R. Mark Woodworth, president of PKF Hospitality Research.
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10 Ways We’re Being Rude in Social Media and Don’t Even Know It

Social media rearchitects itself very quickly. Our ability to change behaviors is not nearly as fast. This timing dichotomy results in seemingly appropriate behaviors that come off as thoughtless or self-serving. New tools and capabilities in social media have created new norms, some good, and others that unfortunately encourage repugnant behavior.  
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