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Information on Becoming a Member of ETI

Eligibility to become a Full or Associate Member in ETI:

Any person, firm or corporation is eligible for full membership if it meets the following qualifications:

Is engaged as a manufacturer, potential manufacturer or marketer of automotive service repair equipment tools, or information.

Is financially sound.

Has a reputation for integrity and sound character.

Meets such other uniform requirements as may be established by the Board of Directors.

Distinction between Full and Associate level membership:

While there are many benefits and services that ETI offers to its members, there is a limit to the benefits afforded to Associate Members.  Below is a summary of ETI member benefits and services and the difference between Full Members and Associate Members.

The main distinction is that Associate Members are not allowed to:
  1. Attend Summer Tech Week
  2. Attend Winter Tech Week
  3. Have access to the Tek-Net Library
  4. be able to Join ETI's vertical groups
  5. Hold leadership positions within ETI (i.e. Vertical Group chairs, officers and directors)

More Info - Full Member

More Info - Associate Member

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